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Friday, June 19, 2020
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Welcome & Memorial Moment for Oliver Williamson
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Session 1 (10:45am-12:00pm)

Political Science, in the study of Institutions & Organizations

Bureaucracy, Political Institutions, and Power Sharing

CHAIR: Scott Gehlbach (Chicago)

  • Dan Alexander (Rochester) and Darrian Stacy, “The Process and Perils of Coming Around”
  • Selcen Cakir (Bogazici), “Choosing Your Pond: A Structural Model of Power Sharing”
  • Agustín Casas (CUNEF), Federico Curci, and Antoni-Italo De Moragas, “Checks and Balances and Nation Building: The Spanish Constitutional Court and Catalonia”

Session 2 (10:45am-12:00pm)

Governance between Organizations

Networks and governance of organizations

CHAIR: Silke Forbes (Tufts)

  • Arijit Mukherjee (Michigan State), Jin Li, and Luis Vasconcelos, “Rulebooks in Relational Contracts”
  • Chen Cheng (Johns Hopkins), Wei Huang, and Yiqing Xing, “Sustaining Cooperation with Multiple Relations: A Theory of Multiplexity”
  • Michael Powell (Northwestern), Niko Matouschek, and Bryony Reich, “Modular Organizations”

Session 3 (10:45am-12:00pm)

Culture & Institutions

Conflict and Crime

CHAIR: Pauline Grosjean (UNSW)

  • Victoria Endl-Geyer (ifo Institute), Sofia Amaral, and Helmut Rainer, “Under Pressure: Effects of Police Response Times on Repeat Victimization of Domestic Violence”
  • Vasiliki Fouka (Stanford) and Alain Schlaepfer, “Culture Clash: Incompatible Reputation Systems and Intergroup Conflict”
  • Eleonora Guarnieri (ifo Institute) and Ana Tur-Prats, “Cultural Distance and Conflict-Related Sexual Violence”

Session 4 (12:15-1:55pm)

Institutions & Organizations in Political Economy

History & Political Economy

CHAIR: Ruixue Jia (UCSD)

  • Giovanni Prarolo (Bologna), Paolo Buonanno, Matteo Cervellati, and Sara Lazzaroni, “Political History, Fiscal Compliance and Cooperation: Medieval Social Contracts and Their Legacy”
  • Noel Johnson (George Mason), Theresa Finley, and Raphael Franck, “The Effects of Land Redistribution: Evidence from the French Revolution”
  • Michele Rosenberg (Northwestern) and Federico Masera, “Tell Me What You Grow and I’ll Tell You What You Think: Crop Mix and Slavery in the US South”
  • Jared Rubin (Chapman) and Avner Greif, “Political Legitimacy and the Institutional Foundations of Constitutional Government: The Case of England”

Session 5 (12:15-1:55pm)

Institutions & Organizations in Developing Economies

Firms in Low-Income Countries

CHAIR: Oriana Bandiera (LSE)

  • Alexey Makarin (EIEF) and Vasily Korovkin, “Conflict and Inter-Group Trade: Evidence from the 2014 Russia-Ukraine Crisis”
  • Vittorio Bassi (USC), Raffaela Muoio, Tommaso Porzio, Ritwika Sen, and Esau Tugume, “Achieving Scale Collectively”
  • Ameet Morjaria (Northwestern) and Rocco Macchiavello, “Ownership Changes, Management and Efficiency: Evidence from Rawanda’s Coffee Industry”
  • Alexia Delfino (LSE), Nava Ashraf, and Edward Glaeser, “Rule of Law and Female Entrepreneurship”

Session 6 (12:15-1:55pm)

Strategic Management, in the study of Institutions & Organizations

Social Impact & Financial Returns: The Role of Firms

CHAIR: Nan Jia (USC)

  • Luis Ballesteros (George Washington) and Catherine Magelssen, “Institutional Disruptions and the Philanthropy of Multinational Enterprises”
  • Amir Licht (IDC Herzliya) and Renée Adams, “Shareholders and Stakeholders around the World: The Role of Values, Culture, and Law in Directors’ Decisions”
  • Fernando Deodato Domingos (Insper), Sandro Cabral, Sergio Lazzarini, and Bertrand Quelin,  “The Assessment Paradox: The Will to Measure Impact Meanwhile Disseminating Knowledge”
  • Aseem Kaul (Minnesota), Hyoju Jeong, and Jiao Luo, “Desert Places: Cooperatives as Infrastructure Providers in Marginalized Areas”

Session 7 (2:10-3:25pm)

Institutions & Organizations in the Public Sector

Public Policy as Institutions

CHAIR: Renee Bowen (UCSD)

  • Daniel Barron (Northwestern), Yingni Guo and Bryony Reich, “Too Big for Their Boots”
  • Suraj Malladi (Stanford), “Judged in Hindsight: Regulatory Incentives in Approving Innovations”
  • Daniel Deibler (Columbia) and Elliott Ash, “What’s in a Name? The Effect of Changing Definitions of ‘Employee’ on Worker Outcomes”

Session 8 (2:10-3:25pm)

Governance within Organizations

Frontiers in Empirical Management

CHAIR: Maria Guadalupe (INSEAD)

  • Daniela Scur (Cornell) and Katarzyna Bilicka, “The capacity to be aggressive: structured management and profit shifting practices in the firm”
  • Kristina McElheran (Toronto), Scott Ohlmacher, and Mu-Jeung Yang, “Strategy and Structured Management”
  • Claudine Gartenberg (Wharton) and George Serafeim, “Corporate Purpose and Firm Ownership”

Session 9 (2:10-3:25pm)

Law, in the study of Institutions & Organizations

Corporate Political Activity, Disclosure, and Corruption

CHAIR: Lisa Bernstein (Chicago)

  • Nan Jia (USC), Stan Markus, and Tim Werner, “Theoretical Light in Empirical Darkness: Illuminating Secrecy in Corporate Political Activity”
  • Jin Hyung Kim (George Washington) and Jordan Siegel, “Is U.S. Formalized Lobbying More about Nefarious Corruption or Benign Industry Information Provision? Evidence from Foreign Firms Lobbying in the U.S.”
  • Mary-Hunter McDonnell (Wharton), Amanda Shanor, and Timothy Werner, “The Hydraulics of Dark Money”

Awards, Junior-Senior Match, & Business Mtg.
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