ISNIE 2013

17th Annual Conference of
The International Society for New Institutional Economics
held at Florence, Italy
June 20 – 22, 2013

Keynote speakers
Eric Maskin
Nobel Laureate 2007
Samuel Bowles
Santa Fe Institute

Conference program

Papers details as they have been posted by the authors

Other links archived in the former SIOE (ISNIE) website :
Keynote speakers
Homage to Elinor Ostrom
Oliver Williamson's 80th Birthday
Plenary Session June 20th
Plenary Session June 21st


Program Committee:
Eric Brousseau, University Paris Dauphine
Members :
Marco Casari, University of Bologna
Zsuzsanna Fluck, University Paris-Dauphine & Michigan State University
Roberto Galbiati, CNRS & Sciences-Po, Paris
Carmine Guerriero, University of Amsterdam
Gillian Hadfield, University of Southern California
Saumitra Jha, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Philip Keefer, World Bank
Sergio Lazzarini, INSPER, Sao Paulo
David Levine, Washington University in Saint Louis, and EUI
Dean Lueck, University of Arizona
Marian Moszoro, IESE Business School, Barcelona
Jens Prüfer, Tilburg University
Patrick L. Warren, Clemson University

Organization Committee:
Members :
William Chiaromonte, University of Florence
Eshien Chong, Sorbonne Business School
Antonio Nicita, University of Roma La Sapienza
Yannick Perez, U. Paris Sud & Supélec
Emmanuel Raynaud, INRA SAD
Stéphane Saussier, Sorbonne Business School
Maria Luisa Vallauri, University of Florence
Coordinators :
Maria Breidy
Tatiana Timofeeva (Florence)