Some practical information regarding parallel sessions

1) All parallel sessions (and lunches and coffee-breaks) will be held in one building, 28 rue des Saints Peres (the home of Sciences Po’s Department of Economics).

2) Each room is equipped with projector and computer (Windows, not Mac) connected to internet; Powerpoint and Acrobat Reader are installed. You can bring your presentation on USB key or download it from the internet.

3) In organized sessions, the organizer is the chair or appoints the chair. In other sessions, the last presenter is the chair of the session.

4) In each session, there are 30 minutes per paper. Unless the participants agree on a different allocation of time (e.g. there are discussants in some organized sessions), we suggest 23 minutes for presentation and 7 minutes for questions and discussion.

5) In some sessions where a paper was cancelled, there are 2 papers for 90 minutes or 3 papers for 120 minutes - please redistribute the time per paper accordingly.