SRI AI Bootcamp

A first for SIOE, in collaboration with the Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society we are offering a bootcamp to introduce researchers to the basics of AI and machine learning and how these transformative technologies are raising new questions for the study of institutions and organizations. Please register for the SRI AI Bootcamp in advance of attending, as space is limited.

In the morning session participants will learn about the basic methods used by modern machine learning researchers; the framework used to simulate and analyze multi-agent systems composed of artificial agents; the formal tests used by machine learning researchers to evaluate algorithmic bias and develop explanations; and the techniques used to construct the recommender systems that shape social media, online commerce, and more. 

In the afternoon we’ll discuss the insights available for AI from incomplete contracting theory, how contracts might be deployed in multiagent settings, what we learn about the tragedy of the commons, norms and culture from multiagent simulations, how algorithmic bias and explainability challenges might impact organizational design and regulation, and how democratic processes might be devised to improve the alignment of algorithms and recommender systems with social welfare.