2019 SIOE Awards: Announcement and Call for Nominations

By Giorgio Zanarone

The Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics awards prizes in institutional and organizational economics, named after the four Nobel Prize winners closely linked to our society. The awards are:

  • A Ronald Coase Best Dissertation Award (annual).
  • An Oliver Williamson Best Conference Paper Award, for the best paper delivered at the SIOE conference (annual).
  • A Douglass North Best Book Award, for the best book in institutional and organizational economics published during the previous two years (bi-annual).
  • An Elinor Ostrom Lifetime Achievement Award, for sustained significant academic contributions to the field (bi-annual).

 The details of the nomination and selection procedures are available on the SIOE website, at https://www.sioe.org/sioe-awards.

 The calls for nominations for the 2019 Ronald Coase Best Dissertation and for the 2019 Elinor Ostrom Lifetime Achievement Awards are now open.

The Elinor Ostrom Lifetime Achievement Award:

  • For sustained and significant academic contributions to institutional and organizational economics. It is open to anyone.
  • Nominations may come from any member of the academic community, including scholars who are not linked to SIOE.
  • Nominations must include an electronic letter detailing the reasons for the nomination and a copy of the nominee’s CV.
  • Submissions should be sent to the SIOE Secretary, Giorgio Zanarone, at gzanarone@cunef.edu.
  • The submission deadline is April 15. 

The Ronald H. Coase Dissertation Award:

  • Anyone may nominate a dissertation.
  • To be eligible, the candidate’s PhD must have been awarded during the calendar years 2017 or 2018
  • Nominees will be asked to submit a 5-page abstract of their dissertation, and have their advisor or a Ph.D. committee member send a letter (under separate cover) explaining the contribution of the dissertation and why it should be considered for this award.
  • The Award Committee will review entries and choose a shortlist of finalists. Finalists will be asked to submit their full dissertation.
  • The Selection Committee will choose a winner among the finalists. The results will be announced at the SIOE meeting in June.
  • Submissions should be sent to the chair of the 2019 Coase Award committee, Pauline Grosjean, at pauline.a.grosjean@gmail.com.  
  • Deadline for submission is April 15th.