Cambridge Elements in "Law, Economics and Politics" series

By Carmine Guerriero

The nature and scope of markets, organizations and states are influenced by law and legal institutions. An overwhelming literature has studied the functioning, determinants, and impacts of these arrangements. Yet, this strand of research has produced contrasting theories and proposed contradictory policy conclusions.

To organize the existing knowledge and guide future research, we are launching a new comprehensive, engaging, and dynamic journal published by Cambridge University Press, called Cambridge Elements in "Law, Economics and Politics"---LEP---and characterized by five novel features. To elaborate, the Cambridge LEP Elements:

  1. consider two formats:
    a. critical analyses of the existing literature based on either an innovative theoretical and/or empirical model or a novel data set;
    b. original pieces opening groundbreaking strands of research or reshaping in an unexpected way the mainstream.
  2. promote an interdisciplinary approach based on the most advanced methodologies in biology, economics, law, management, political science, psychology, and sociology and, thus, are open to contributions from all these disciplines.
  3. should range between 20,000 and 30,000 words and will be indexed as a CUP monograph.
  4. will encompass at least one piece of extra material, i.e., theoretical exercises, video, data, codes, policy prescriptions for interested practitioners and further readings to ease their use in graduate and undergraduate courses.
  5. will be offered open-access for the first publication month and permanently, thereafter, upon the payment of a fee.

To propose an Element please email both our Managing Editor, Liam Wells, at and our Editor in Chief, Professor Carmine Guerriero, at

The Cambridge LEP Elements co-editors,

Rosa Ferrer (UPF and Barcelona GSE), Nuno Garoupa (George Mason University), Carmine Guerriero (University of Bologna), Mariana Mota Prado (University of Toronto), Murat Mungan (George Mason University)."