JEBO Special Issue on Institutions, Culture and Religion in Economic History

By Jens Prüfer

The Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization invites researchers to submit papers for a special issue on Institutions, Culture and Religion in Economic History for a special issue to be published in Spring 2021.

Submission deadline: April 1 2020

A growing body of research has pointed to the importance of institutions in economic history. Rigorous empirical work has demonstrated the importance of colony legacy, slavery, and state history. In particular, recent work highlights the importance of culture and religion and critical determinants of institutional performance. This special issue will invite papers that speak to these topics and bring new data and evidence to bear on issues such as institutional change, cultural persistence, and the relationship between religion and political economy. The editors welcome submissions that focus on all parts of world including Asia, Africa and South America. They welcome both empirical papers and more theoretical contributions.

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