Key Resources of IOE: (Not Only) For Students

By Jens Prüfer

Are you new to Organizational Economics? To Institutional Economic research? Or do you know a colleague who has "some interest in political economy of development" or in "contract theory in firms" or in "empirical historical studies about the rules of late medieval cities that attracted foreign merchants?" But you may lack a reference to these, and related, literatures. Where to start?

Here is some help. We provided a (non-complete) list of Key Resources: (Not Only) For Students. Here you will find:

  • Some graduate-level courses on institutions and/or organizations
  • Summer schools and regular workshops
  • Some recent research books offering a broader perspective on institutions and/or organizations...
  • ... and some classics
  • Some academic journals that frequently publish research in Institutional and Organoizational Economics (IOE)
  • Online databases of contracts with US state governments

Hopefully, this can bring you (or your colleague) a step further. Welcome to IOE!