Relational Contracts: Theory and Practice (Symposium)

By Lisa Bernstein

A Virtual Academic Symposium on "Relational Contracts: Theory and Practice", jointly organized by the universities of Oxford and Chicago and sponsored by World Commerce & Contracting and the Relational Contracts Workshop, will take place on Friday April 23, and Saturday April 24 (11am-6pm central standard time).

The first day will feature academics in conversations with executives from many industries exploring the contracting problems they face and novel solutions they have devised. The second day will have three panels, one focusing on the work of each of the sets of scholars:

  1. Oliver Hart, David Frydlinger and Kate Vitasek

  2. Lisa Bernstein and Brad Peterson

  3. Robert Gibbons and Rebecca Henderson

The papers will not be presented as participants will read them in advance. Rather, two short comments will be offered on each set of authors, one by an economist and the other by a legal academic. The day will conclude with a discussion led by Luigi Zingales, Tim Cummins and Chad Syverson on the implications of the proceedings for the theory of the firm.

Details and (free) registration are here.

Many senior SIOE members have already confirmed their participation.