SIOE 2020: Call for Papers

By Bob Gibbons

The call for papers of the next annual SIOE conference is open. In 2020, SIOE will hold its annual conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), beginning with a plenary session late afternoon on Thursday, June 18, and concluding with a gala dinner on Saturday, June 20.

The broad topic areas for submissions are:

1. Governance within organizations
2. Governance between organizations
3. Polycentric governance
4. Institutions and organizations in the public sector
5. Institutions and organizations in political economy
6. Culture and institutions
7. Institutions and organizations in economic development and growth
8. Law, in the study of institutions or organizations
9. Political Science, in the study of institutions or organizations
10. Strategic Management, in the study of institutions or organizations

The members of the conference’s executive committee are:
• Oriana Bandiera (LSE)
• Lisa Bernstein (Chicago)
• Renee Bowen (UCSD)
• Silke Forbes (Tufts)
• Robert Gibbons (MIT)—chair and local organizer
• Pauline Grosjean (UNSW)
• Maria Guadalupe (INSEAD)
• Nan Jia (USC)
• Ruixue Jia (UCSD)
• Emily Sellars (Yale)

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, February 2 (in any time zone)

The website for submissions is • The 2020 SIOE conference website is