SIOE@APSA conference

By Scott Gehlbach

SIOE will sponsor a session at the upcoming meetings of APSA, the American Political Science Association, to be held in Boston. All conference participants, SIOE members or not, are warmly welcome!

"Understanding Institutions: The Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics"
Sunday, September 2, 8:00 to 9:30am, TBA

The Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics is the association for anybody who can trace a link to Nobel Prize winners Ronald Coase, Douglass North, Elinor Ostrom, and Oliver Williamson. In this interdisciplinary panel, three outstanding scholars demonstrate the range of scholarship pursued by SIOE members.

  • Mistakes in Vote Tallying: Causal Evidence from Population Data
    Alberto Simpser, ITAM
  • Management Styles in the Public Sector: Evidence from the English NHS
    Raffaella Sadun, Harvard Business School
  • Comparative Legal Reasoning: Experimental Outcome and Click-Stream Data from Six Major Jurisdictions
    Holger Spamann, Harvard Law School

Chair: Scott Gehlbach, University of Wisconsin–Madison