Workshop on “Economic Governance and Social Preferences” opens registration

By Jens Prüfer

“Economic Governance and Social Preferences” is the title of a workshop that will be held in Tilburg, The Netherlands, on September 3-4, 2015. The Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC) organizes the event in order to bring together scholars from institutional and organizational economics with those who specialize in behavioral and experimental economics. Despite parallel but mostly unconnected literatures in both fields, the similarity in research interests is striking: how to foster cooperation in social and economic dilemma situations? What institutional, social, and psychological factors are of importance and which of them can be influenced by strategic actors?

Keynote lectures will be delivered by Professors Roland Bénabou (Princeton University), Simon Gächter (University of Nottingham), Avner Greif (Stanford University), and Mark Ramseyer (Harvard University).

In total, 12 presentations (plus several poster presentations) will be given. More information, a preliminary program, and a description of the registration process (closing August 20th, or earlier) is available here.