Ronald Coase Institute's Webworkshop on Institutional Analysis

By Jens Prüfer

During the pandemic, the Coase Institute is offering a new kind of workshop: online, highly focused, and small - 12 participants and 6 core faculty, plus more faculty to lecture and comment. Details are here.

  • Date: December 1-8, 2021
  • Application deadline: October 18, 2021
  • Faculty: Alexandra Benham (Ronald Coase Institute), Lee Benham (Ronald Coase Institute), Philip Keefer (Inter-American Development Bank), Gary Libecap (University of California - Santa Barbara, emeritus), Claude Menard (University of Paris Pantheon-Sorbonne, emeritus), John Nye (George Mason University), Roger Myerson (University of Chicago), and Mary Shirley (Ronald Coase Institute), and more.
  • Organizers and Administrators: The organizers are Mary Shirley (Ronald Coase Institute) and Alexandra Benham (Ronald Coase Institute). The administrator is Darin Hargis (Ronald Coase Institute).