organizational economics

Call for Papers: Workshop in Organizational Economics (Barcelona)

By Giorgio Zanarone

As part of the Barcelona Summer Forum, we are inviting submissions for the Workshop in Organizational Economics.

The workshop will run for 2 days and will take place on June 17-18, 2021 in Barcelona. We welcome empirical and theoretical submissions of...

Organizations as Relational Contracts: Lessons from a New Workshop Series

By Giorgio Zanarone

As I announced in an earlier post, on September 23-24, 2016, CUNEF hosted the second workshop on relational contracts in Madrid. The first workshop was held in 2015 in Munich, and the third one will take place this year at Kellogg. In this post, I briefly summarize a...

Why Organizations Fail: Models and Cases

Review by Dan Barron and Mike Powell

To understand organizations, we have to understand their dynamics: how they grow, how they change, and importantly, how and why they fail. “Why Organizations Fail: Models and Cases” (recently published in the Journal of Economic Literature ; ungated...

Deadline Approaching for FOM Conference (Finance, Organizations and Markets)

By Ricard Gil

Two years ago in December 2013 a great tradition started: the Finance, Organizations and Markets Conference first pushed by Gordon Phillips (USC Marshall) and more recently by others such as Kevin Murphy (USC Marshall) or Amit Seru (Chicago Booth). This year (after very...

Graduate Level Notes on Organizational Economics

By Patrick L. Warren

Under the Resources tab, under the "Our Field" heading, you can find links to many recent syllabi for classes on organizational and institutional economics throughout the world. But I wanted draw your particular attention to an especially fine set of notes , at the PhD level, on modern organizational economics. These notes were written by Michael Powell at Northwestern Kellogg (with an assist from Dan Barron ), and they cover the most basic version of some of the workhorse models in our discpline. They are great for brushing up on a model you are already familiar with or for learning the key intuitions of something new. As you might expect, given Mike and Dan's background, the notes on relational contracting are particularly good, but all the topics are excellent. They are clear, acccessible, and I commend them to your attention.