SIOE 2017

Hart - Holmström - Gibbons - Lafontaine: the video

By Jens Prüfer

Imagine two scholars of organizational economics had just won the Nobel Prize and SIOE would like to celebrate that event. What to do? Obviously, you would want the laureates to speak about their work and, in particular, to sketch areas of promising future research. But...

Computational Social Science - video of Duncan Watt's keynote talk

By Jens Prüfer

Last week we put up a video of Matthew Jackson's keynote speech at SIOE 2017 at Columbia University. Now, here is the second keynote lecture: Duncan Watts (Cornell University and Microsoft Research) is speaking about "Computational Social Science: Exciting Progress and...

Lifetime Achievement Award for Yoram Barzel

Yoram Barzel (left) during the Award ceremony on 24 June, 2017, with SIOE President-Elect Bentley MacLeod (right).

By Bentley MacLeod

The SIOE Board voted to award the 2017 Elinor Ostrom Lifetime Achievement Award to Professor Yoram Barzel (University of Washington). Professor Barzel got his BA from Hebrew University in 1953, and MA in 1956. He moved to the University of Chicago where he got his PhD...